API documentation

lu.common Common functions used throughout the program, generic enough to be used in several places, not fitting into any specific one.
lu.conv This module contains functions that in one way or another converts its arguments into something else.
lu.json Simple JSON wrappers to make keeping JSON storages easier.
lu.meld This module contains the meldInto functions; functions that take two structs and combine them, creating a resulting struct with values from both parent structs. Array and associative array variants exist too.
lu.net Functions related to connecting to an IRC server, and reading from it.
lu.objmanip This module contains functions that in some way or another manipulates struct and class instances.
lu.serialisation Various functions related to serialising structs into .ini file-like files.
lu.string String manipulation functions, used throughout the program complementing the standard library, as well as providing dumbed-down and optimised versions of existing functions therein.
lu.traits Various compile-time traits, mostly for internal use.
lu.uda User-defined attributes (UDAs) used here and there.